trailer light hookup for truck

the turn signals activated in the FCM, and you will only have park/brake lights until they are activated. Oops : Please try again. Located on the left side under the hood with a lid labeled "Electrical" and immediately inside the driver door on the dash side panel. A Chevy of that year uses OBD2 compliant code scanners. Not to sure off the top of my head but its close to the middle depending on how long the trailer.

It will save you from figuring out how to hook up trailer lights, because you will have a trailer harness connector already there, in the rear bumper. But if you haven't fixed the problem that made it come on in the first place then it will just come back. That requires an obdii engine scanner to clear the codes / turn light off.

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Manuals User Guides, loading. NGenerally, that fuse is located under the hood on the drivers side in front of the firewall. When a fuse "blows" instantly upon connecting the trailer wiring to the vehicle wiring connector, suggests a short in the trailer wiring, or one of the light sockets/fixtures. It is a simple unplug and plug back in operation. If that is gone than there should be 2-4 pipes on one and it shud be the far right. It should not be expensive. If you are planning to do towing frequently, choosing a vehicle equipped with a factory trailer package is the absolute best idea.