sonos play 5 hookup to tv

vary. I gay hookup rhode island ran into quite a few issues trying to get TruePlay working. About smart home sounds, smart Home Sounds. This aggregates a great many streaming services, including all the most popular ones. Sonos Play:5 TruePlay. After I closed all the windows, it finally worked, but if you live in a noisy spot using the feature will be tricky. Swipes across the surface change tracks. Icon, best answer by AjTrek1, 20:30, hi Scanman, line-in to Play 5 from Line-out on your TV is the only direct way to make the connection. We provide expert advice on the full Sonos range, from the voice-controlled. The woozy vocals and bassy sounds of AAP Rocky or the synths of Chvrches both sound fantastic. Once youve done this, the source becomes available on your entire Sonos system.

Currently connecting my play 5 to my TV via Line-in cable to audio out. The sound is good, but feels a little flat (less bass, lower volume) than. Then, set the TV volume to around 50 percent, before connecting it to the line in on the play:5. If you have a first gen play:5, make sure you. It seems like I should be able to use a Sonos Connect to the TV and the Play 5 s to the Connect?

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In the earlier years of Sonos you had to have a Bridge to setup your speakers. Another great feature of Autoplay is you can select the audio to play on any Sonos speaker in your system, not the just the Sonos device the Line-in device is connected. For even better bass authority and tighter bass all-round, big spenders might want to consider pairing the Play:5 with a Sonos SUB. Two Play:5s paired vertically offer awesome stereo sound, while two paired horizontally are better for room-filling, immersive audio. The Sonos Play:5 is one of the best wireless speakers money can buy. The sound is good, but feels a little flat (less bass, lower volume) than when I play through spotify with WiFi. Both are great-sounding speakers that have slightly different approaches to wireless multi-room.