funny safe sex ads

pencil, and suddenly, hundreds of vulva graffiti come running out from their hiding. Sure to promote pangs of recognition - and regret - in long-suffering parents. Its Just That Basic, orly Peimer Rimon. Aides Cristiano Siqueira Dont Use Condom (He Says) Stefano Joker Lionetti Wet N Wild Sharad Haksar Flavoured Condoms Sharad Haksar 1pointsize Safe Sex Series Anjelica Bullen Sex Can Be Dangerous Jesse McIlwraith Fowin Condoms McCann CPD Prevention and Citizenship Grave RGA Ministère de la Santé. Sexuality, Marriage, and Family.

Poste r Ads For Safe Sex Use Heroic Condoms To Cover Up Villains Faces. See more ideas about Creativity, Fanny pics and Ads creative. I personally thi nk this ad is really funny and creative.

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11 do you spend more time protecting your computer from viruses than you do protecting your body? The same in very much true in life, and the concept of these ads brilliantly exposes the analogy. . The "sex as a deadly weapon" message was inverted by a Japanese designer's condom gun concept, pictured below. Whats supposed to be the funny part- the imagery of violence against women part, or the part about having a penis too big to actually use with a partner without giving them second degree lacerations? An orange condom balloon animal starts watching, and in the next scene joins in on the actions- double penetration on the pink balloon, blue man in the middle position, until they all pass out from exhaustion. The vintage photos used in the ads depict a sexual threesome and read, Except for aids, nothing has changed. . By strategically concealing part of whats there, something sweet and entirely harmless is seen. . Get It On, by durex, condom balloon animals, one pink and one blue, go at it in a variety of positions and sex acts- doggie style, missionary, 69, reverse cowgirl, while their rubber bodies squeak in this 2008. Promotion for safe sex promoting the basics under the title its just that basic same as using a condom. You are here Home Condoms Safe Sex Education. One of the leaders in this field of safe sex is of course the biggest condom manufacturer in the world and that is Durex.

funny safe sex ads

The play on the life. Safe sex, or else. A series of advertisements from the Chinese condom company Elasun cleverly tied. Proving a success for Elasun while communicating the safe sex message. Safe Sex Tour 2013 starts now!