samsung dryer electric hookup

an easy project for most people. Ring-type terminals are recommended. Do not loosen the nuts already installed on the terminal block.

Make sure you have a qualifie d technician install the dryer. 3/7 - Connect the Electrical Wiring. You can convert an older dryer to work with a new type 4-slot outle. 3-prong and 4-prong is that with the older setup, the 3-prong cord has.

samsung dryer electric hookup

Installing a new power cord to hook up a dryer is an easy five-ste p process, but.
Electric clothes dryers typically are sold without power cords.
Electrical dryers can use power cords with three-prong or four-pron g plugs; these plug into dryer outlets that have either three slots or four slots.

If the ends touch together or touch you, they'll create a potentially lethal short circuit. For gas models: make sure the gas is supplied properly with no leaks. Connect the straight end of the water hose to the Y connector. Close the cold water tap. This is not user serviceable. The dryer starts, runs, heats, and shuts off properly. Similarly, if you have a four-slot dryer outlet but want to use an older three-prong dryer, it's usually a fairly easy matter to install a four-prong cord. A strain relief must be used. Do not over tighten.

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