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I first started out within non-monogamous communities, I was, like most people, nervous and hopeful I would make a good impression. For one, women binge drinking in an effort to loosen inhibitions and have fun, but to the point that they get sick or pass out or both. Confident people can make you feel special and looked after, but when it actually comes time to devote emotional energy and resources to you, these people, in my experience, are rarely up for the task. But sometimes, you can be lonely and thats okay. Im all about busting out of societal norms and here are these young people growing up in a time when theres more freedom than ever instituting oppressive rules around sex.

While I initially feared I would become a quivering nervous wreck at the thought of my partner with someone else, the openness and honesty we developed assuaged my fears and rid me of my worry of being a back-up girlfriend. He uses several dating apps, but OKC is his favorite. While monogamy is certainly not dead, a shift in societal ideals has taken place, as more and more couples are choosing to buck traditions in favor of unconventional relationship configurations. Maybe the rules and expectations of hookups disappear after graduation. And it can get to the point where non-monogamous people refer to monogamy derisively, almost blaming it instead of structures like misogyny and heterosexism for the way monogamy has kept them in a box. Or at least, its a better time to be non-monogamous than it used. Spelling error in your profile?

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