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Year (based on 2 gallons of gas 3 per gallon) per trip to town, 3 trips per week) 936 per year. While thats impressive and the chart is very pretty, as I date hookup read it I just realized it was the same thing that Id seen before. Frugal tip to do instead of cutting smoking and eating out. You already wash in cold water.

If space is an issue for you like it is for me, you can always do a wall drying rack instead. You dont smoke or eat out.

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I dont know about you, but I would love to add an extra 4900 to our yearly income for things we dont need to spend money on! In the chart linked above, they gave 13 ways to save money. Better local amature sex than both of those thingshow about you take the time to see which appliances and items in your home are using the most electricity and cut them, find an alternative, or at least cut down the usage? Both of our phones are finished with their contracts this spring and we will not be renewing with the company we are with. Why stop at drinking coffee from the store? Frugal tip to do instead of stop drinking coffee. What additional frugal tips for saving money will you add to this list this year? Frugal tip to do instead cutting bottled water and the landline. You could also organize a movie exchange with friends or family, Im sure one of your friends has some movies you havent seen yet! Frugal tip to do instead of washing in cold water. If you are like me you already dont have a landline and drink water from the tap or filtered so you are unable to cut out both of those things. Dont Have a Landline, consolidate Debt, but what.

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