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back into the room. Gloria looks at him like he's crazy. 'That would be really super she says. The time now is 08:38. Andi bites her lip in dating sites without sex hesitation, looking at the feuding couple.

'Are you kidding me?' She scoffs. Gloria shakes her head. 'The client is almost convinced she continues. Gloria spreads her legs. She feels bad for causing them to fight. Classical music is blaring.

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But love sex and dating sermon she missed the bus and all her friends left already. 'I just want to get back on the road she pleads. 'It's ok sweetie she says. Scene opens on a car as it speeds down a desolate road. Besides, his wife doesn't seem very happy that she's here. CUT TO title plate, the trio drive silently, as Gloria fumes in the front seat while Markus sits back with the girl, staring at her lustfully.

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